Research Grants

  • Forcing angiogenesis: Transcriptional control by integrin-dependent mechanotransduction during angiogenesis

  • Stem cell pluripotency: Impact of bio-inspired substrates on integrin-dependent signalling and force transmission

  • The role of β-PIX in nuclear force-coupling and adhesion complex maturation

  • Tumour-matrix force-coupling to the nucleus: consequences for tumour cell transcriptional programming

  • Regulation of pro-invasive receptor crosstalk mechanisms in HER2-positive breast cancer

  • Optimising NK cell cytotoxicity and infiltration of the tumour microenvironment for successful adoptive immunotherapy in cancer

  • Adhesion receptor and matrix metalloproteinase crosstalk: molecular mechanisms and impact on tumour cell invasion

  • Analysis of heterodimer-specific integrin signalling networks and functions

Funding Agencies

Research in our lab is supported by funding from:

Breast Cancer Now / Wellcome Trust / North West Cancer Research

BBSRC /  Cancer Research UK / Technology Directorate




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