Mark Morgan’s Lab is based in the Institute of Systems, Molecular & Integrative Biology at the University of Liverpool


Our major research goals are to understand how tumour and stromal cells interpret, influence, and respond to their extracellular microenvironment and how this drives cancer progression and cellular responses to targeted molecular therapeutics.

Our major, inter-connected, research questions are:

1) How are adhesion and growth factor receptor signalling networks integrated in tumour and stromal cells?

2) How are adhesion and growth factor receptor dynamics spatially and temporally co-ordinated?

3) How does the co-ordination of adhesion receptor and growth factor receptor function regulate cancer progression? With a particular focus on:

– i) Tumour cell invasion and metastasis
– ii) Tumour-stromal interactions
– iii) The tumour microenvironment
– iv) Response to molecular therapeutics


Our Research

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