Dr Mark R. Morgan

Principal Investigator – Research Group Leader
Institute of Translational Medicine / North West Cancer Research Centre
Tel: [+44](0)151-795-4992 (Office)
Tel: [+44](0)151-795-4983 (Lab)
Twitter: @M_MorganLab


Lab Members

KateWolanskaCropBWDr Katarzyna Wolanska

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Project: Understanding angiogenesis: Analysis of heterodimer-specific integrin signalling networks and functions

Horacio1BWCropDr Horacio Maldonado

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Project: Regulation of pro-invasive receptor crosstalk mechanisms in HER2-positive breast cancer

joanna-thomasBWJoanna Thomas

PhD Student (Wellcome Trust)

Project: Adhesion receptor and matrix metalloproteinase crosstalk: molecular mechanisms and impact on tumour cell invasion

HeatherSwiftBWHeather Swift

PhD Student

Project: Optimising NK cell cytotoxicity and infiltration of the tumour microenvironment for successful adoptive immunotherapy in cancer

DanielNewmanCropBWDaniel Newman

PhD Student (Wellcome Trust)

Project: The role of β-PIX in mechanical force application and adhesion complexes

CarolineSproatCropBWHonorary Member – Caroline Sproat

PhD Student (Barts Cancer Institute) / Minion / Interloper

Project: Proteomic analysis of αVβ6 integrin signalling in breast cancer



 PrintCredit: AB Photography


Local Collaborators

Prof Ian Prior

Institute of Translational Medicine

Dr Janine Coombes

Institute of Infection and Global Health

Dr Tobias Zech

Institute of Translational Medicine

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